10. July 2017

MathCityMap at the ICTMT 13 in Lyon

The MathCityMap project was presented at the ICTMT conference in Lyon (3 – 6 July 2017) by Iwan Gurjanow. The focus of the performance was on the MCM app and the different gamification modes (correct-false feedback, points, leaderboard) related to the intrinsic motivation. Further, the first results of the study conducted in June were presented. More on this topic will soon be available in the publications section.  

Mathtrail on the terrain of the ENS (École normal supérieure de Lyon)

In addition to the presentation there was also a Mathtrail in the garden of the ENS (meeting place) created by Prof. Dr. Christian Mercat (l’Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1). At the conference, the participants were given the opportunity to solve the Mathtrail exercises on their own. The best solutions were awarded a prize. Many participants tested the app with best weather and discussed about the tasks, which can often be solved in different ways. One example is the staircase shown below, in which the area of ​​the edge of the staircase was determined.

It was a successful conference and we are already looking forward to the next one: ICTMA in Cape Town (South Africa)!

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