16. July 2018

Math Trail in Gemünden

MathCityMap was mentioned in the Mainpost Gemünden. Read the English version below.

With ruler and measuring tape, two classes of the Theodosius Florentini School ran a math trail in Gemünden’s old town under the guidance of the project seminar “Math Trail”.  This was reported by Anna Hellinger and Anna-Lena Haas (both Q11) in a press release.

Using the MathCityMap app of the Goethe University in Frankfurt, the 11th-grade students, under the direction of Henrike Hohmann, designed creative tasks that together resulted in two varied math trails for the 7th and 10th grade. With increasing sunshine, the mood of the students also increased and they got to know a new, practical side of the otherwise rather theoretical subject of mathematics. This was also reflected in the feedback, because contrary to the expectations of many students, mathematics can be quite enjoyable, the press release states.

After a long planning and after the “Math Day”, the first big milestone goal of the project seminar has been reached. In the near future, the trails for the 7th and 10th grade Gymnasium will be published so that they are freely accessible to the general public via the MathCityMap. In addition, a “family trail” is planned whereby the required material will be provided in the Tourist Info in Gemünden. Thereby, the students of the project seminar want to support not only the mathematics, but also the sightseeings of the “Three Rivers City”.

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