15. July 2021

Math outdoors with MathCityMap: An experience report

Four classes at the Kleist School Eschborn (near Frankfurt) took part in our MathCityMap study over the past three weeks. In the process, the eighth graders were able to rediscover their own schoolyard:

Equipped with folding rules, measuring tapes and, of course, the MathCityMap app, the learners each worked on two math trails on the topic of linear functions in groups of three. Among other things, they determined the slope of the skateboard ramp or the function term of the handrail.

Student Alea Henrich (G8b) summarizes her experience with MathCityMap as follows: “Personally, I really enjoyed the project! It was great to learn mathematics in a new way. Of course, the app can’t replace a classroom, but I think it’s great as a supplement to normal lessons. In addition, I see the app as helpful and more memorable, because you have your tasks as a real building, bench, square, etc. in front of you and can then check your solutions on your smartphone and get tips directly if necessary.”

Alea also offers a tip for the summer vacations: “If you want to, try the free app MathCityMap during your vacations – not only for the repetition of what you learned this year or last year, but also get to know places in your environment with a math trail.”

You can read Alea Henrich’s complete report here on the website of the Heinrich-von-Kleist-Schule Eschborn.

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