14. March 2018

Happy Pi Day

Friends of special dates and numbers might already have noted it in their calendar: Today is Pi Day. Based on the American spelling of today’s date (3/14) and the beginning of the number Pi with its first two decimals, the 14th March is perfect to celebrate Pi. Therefore, today everything at MCM revolves around the circle and we would like to celebrate this with the help of one of our various tasks on the topic of the circle.

Task: Paving stones in a circle (Task number: 2007)

How many paving stones are in the red marked area?

Despite various approaches, the number Pi is central while solving the problem. On the one hand, it is possible to determine the number of paving stones in a certain area (for example one square meter) and to project them to the total area. The task can be solved particularly clever by considering a paving stone as a unit and expressing the radius of the circle by the number of stones.

This is just as one example of many tasks in which the number Pi is relevant in everyday life and for the math trail idea (e.g. traffic signs, advertising pillars, trees). In this sense: Happy Pi day!

By the way: the task is part of a trail around the Stuttgart’s stock exchange. They were created by our team and will be officially opened in April.

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