30. April 2018

Generic Tasks: GPS tasks

Have you already tested our GPS tasks with help of the task wizard? They give you the opportunity to create interesting problems with the own position and the GPS signal of the smartphones.

The following objects can be created at the moment:

  • Line Segment AB without direction
  • Line Segment AB with direction
  • Equilateral Triangle ABC
  • Square ABCD
  • Equal distance to 2 points
  • Equal distance to 3 points
  • Linear function through 2 points

For the GPS task, an active GPS signal is needed. Further, the tasks should be created with distance to higher buildings in order to imporve the exactness. For creating, a big place or lawn is needed which allwos to walk a longer line or the asked object completely, e.g. in the example Walk a Line with Direction.

This task allows different solutions as the problem solver can choose starting and ending point. Solely the direction (north-south) and length (50m) are given. In contrast, the tasks on equal distance and linear function define points or a coordinate system which are presented by the smartphone.

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