15. March 2021

Congratulations Iwan!

Iwan has made it! The MathCityMap team Frankfurt would like to congratulate Iwan Gurjanow on his doctoral degree!

Over the past six years, Iwan has not only played a major role in the conceptual development of MathCityMap, but is also responsible for the technical realization of our learning platform: As a product owner, Iwan has programmed our system from its infancy – to its current point: a successful and award-winning educational app with more than 20,000 tasks worldwide!

Dear Iwan,
we are very happy – professionally as well as humanly – that we could work with you in the past years. We look back on our great time together with a smile in our eyes and look forward to the approaching farewell with a tear in our eyes:
We wish you all the best for your future!
Your MathCityMap Team Frankfurt

Here are some impressions from three years of MathCityMap with Iwan:

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4 responses to “Congratulations Iwan!”

  1. I feel very honored to hear this kind words from all of you. For me it was always a pleasure to work in our European projects and get to know the different cultures and a lot of warm hearted and interesting people. I will miss it a lot.

    Greetings from Frankfurt!

  2. Congratulations Iwan,
    On behalf of the FESPM, I really appreciate your work and availability to answer many enquires and improving MCM as much as possible.
    We wish you the best!!

  3. Congratulations Iwan!! That’s great and you deserve it! Thanks for your friendly listening and mopping up all my silly mistakes on the MCM portal. I hope that, now that I will address you as Dr Iwan, you will still hear my incessant requests!
    A warm hug from Lyon!

  4. Dear Iwan.
    My warm congartulation to your professional success. I was honored to work with you on the MoMaTrE project. Your positive approach to work and friendly behavior at all meetings will never be forgotten. I learned a lot from you, prosfesinally and humanly. I wish you good health and good luck in all your life tasks and trails.

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