7. August 2020

Trails along the Rhine & Main: Schlüchtern

In the German town of Schlüchtern, our student Johanna Walter has created the math trail “Stadt Schlüchtern 7/8”. The trail was created during our Mathtrail seminar at the Goethe University Frankfurt. All trails were tested by students on site and also passed our expert review. Recently we presented the trail “Mathtrail along the Rhine” by Alysha Kremmelbein in our section “Tested Trails in the Rhine-Main Region”.

Information about the trail:
Name: Stadt Schlüchtern 7/8
Code: 242888
Place: Schlüchtern
Grade: 7th/ 8th grade
Subject: Stochastics, Geometry, Analysis

The trail is located in the town centre of Schlüchtern and is therefore easily accessible from the schools. Divided into small groups, the pupils walk from the little castle to the old people’s home. Afterwards they continue their walk in the direction of the synagogue. On the way to the Mauerwiese, the pupils make a stopover at the Protestant church. You will find two more tasks at the Ulrich-von-Hutten Gymnasium.

Whether it is the yearly swimming after passing the school-leaving exams at the U-v-H or the building of the synagogue, the tasks deal with everyday objects and situations. In this way the pupils learn how much maths can be found in the small town of Schlüchtern, if you just look carefully.

The math trail can be used as a repetition of the topics from Classes 7 and 8, as tasks on stochastics, analysis or even geometry are part of the trail. In addition to their smartphones, the children need a measuring tape and a calculator to work on the trail.

Exemplifying task: This is difficult!
“How many tons must a vehicle be allowed to transport to deliver all the stones of the stairs at once? One m³ stone weighs 2300 kg.” Here the students first have to calculate the volume of the stones. To do this, they must know the formula for calculating the volume and measure the required values exactly. In the second step they have to convert the unit. If difficulties arise, the hints will help them to solve the task.

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