11. March 2021

2021-03-14: International Day of Mathematics with MCM@home

March 14 is International Day of Mathematics (IDM) – and MathCityMap is there, too, of course! Our MCM educator Simone has created a great MCM@home trail. We look forward to your participation!

A truly well-rounded event! The MathCityMap@home-Trail makes clear in which objects mathematics – especially circles and the number Pi – can be found. The mathematical walk takes place in a different way than usual from home. Nevertheless, there is a lot to discover and calculate!

All you need to do is download the MathCityMap app. You can access the trail by adding routes and entering the given code. MCM users around the world were engaged in creating MCM@home trails for International Day of Mathematics (Pi Day):

  • Simone Jablonski created a MCM@home trail in Germany. The Digital Classroom can be invoked by entering the code s161437. Participation is possible between 0 and 23:55.
  • In Italy, Flavia Mammana and Eugenia Taranto prepared two MCM@home trail. With the code (044258) you can work on the trail for lower secondary students. The second trail (code 184244) treats topics on upper secondary level.
  • In Slovakia, Sona Ceretkova created the digital learning trail “[MCM@home]Pi-Nitra.” This can be accessed with the code 084229.
  • In Indonesia, Adi Nur Cahyono has prepared an MCM@home trail, which can be worked on today with the code s281455 as part of a digital classroom.
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