27. June 2022

Generic Tasks: Velocity

The new article on Generic Tasks is dedicated to a task from the ” Velocity ” category. With the help of the task wizard, this task can be created in the shortest possible time, as always, and the corresponding object can be found everywhere in your environment, especially in urban areas. You can read the first article on Generic Tasks, which also tells you how to get to the task wizard and what Generic Tasks are, here.

The object we are going to look at in this article is escalators. They are often found in public buildings or at the entrances to subway stations or train stations. The task that is available for escalators in the task wizard is:

“Determine the speed of the escalator. Give the result in meter per second. Give the result with two decimal places.”

Required for creating the task are the time duration, which the escalator needs to travel a well-defined distance. In addition, you can select whether the speed should be specified in m/s or in km/h. Based on the entered data, the wizard fills in the rest of the task form and only a picture needs to be added to complete the task.



In the next article we will deal with the probably most special category of Generic Tasks, the so-called GPS tasks. Until then, have fun and save time when creating MCM tasks with the Task Wizard!


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  1. Interesting task indeed. It helps authenticate the teaching and learning of velocity. This is necessary and has potential to enhance concrete understanding of the velocity concept.

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